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It has weathered some early criticisms [2] and launched a talking toolbar in April 2006 which aids and assists students (particularly Chinese students) in increasing their knowledge of spoken English [3].

For the purposes of this article I am going to be primarily using the European [4] version of the search engine, though American readers may prefer to concentrate on the American/Global version [5], while Chinese readers may prefer to use their local version [6].

It is not immediately obvious either, whereas the position of the Super Target box on the right hand side of the Accoona results reminds us that it is easy to narrow and focus results, as well as providing a quick and easy way to do it.

One can also emphasise a particular word or phrase to give added weight in the search.

Our goal is to make our users happy by helping them find relevant results to their queries." [1] The Accoona Corporation was founded in February 2004 and the search engine was released simultaneously in the US and China in December of that year.

The link with China is an important one: the company formed a partnership with cn and expects to get a significant number of hits daily from that particular marketplace.

So unless I know for a fact that they take news from, for example, the I am a little stuck, whereas with Accoona, I not only know that they do index from this source, I know that there will be 349 references to look through.

Not only is this an asset when it comes to getting a small set of results, this function also provides details as to what type of news resources are interested in a particular story, and where they are located.

A large number of results from a local newspaper may for example highlight the fact that the Prime Minister paid a visit to that particular area recently.

I thought that it was about time to take an in-depth peek at a specific search engine again, since many of my recent columns have looked rather more broadly at the search engine industry.

I decided that I would take a look at Accoona since I have seen a few mentions of it recently, it launched a European version at the end of June 2006, and having played around with it myself for a while I have been rather impressed with it. The name Accoona is derived from the Swahili phrase, Hakuna Matata, which means "don't worry, be happy." Accoona CEO Stuart Kauder says, "The company name was chosen specifically with the end user in mind.

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