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No puffing it up, no inflating it except along realistic lines. But a Black guy needs the inflated over the top type adulation in order to compensate for all the ego crushing that goes on from the White patriarchy.

Unfortunate that they can't see it for what it is and instead require a lot of cheer leading to feel right.

You can think what you want but being Black in America comes with self worth issues.

Along with the hyper masculine image of the Black male that fuels the need for Black men to try and live up to that image and have that for themselves.r22 "my Father, one of my brothers and many many other Black men act like fools for any woman, especially a White woman that blew their ego up." I was saying that the women that fed their egos were the women that make them act like fools particularly White woman.r25 Plenty of men of all colors act stupid for women based on their ego needs.

Mama Kris knows what she is talking about.21 you are an ass. I have watched my Father, one of my brothers and many many other Black men act like fools for any woman, especially a White woman that blew their ego up. I didn't say every Black man is like this but the brothers that are successful are particularly vulnerable.

Chris Rock does a bit about successful Black guys and White women.

Those guys are desperate for contact with a woman and will do anything for it. I don't get how people can say Armenians are white. Because some self-hating black men think that a white girl is a prize/status symbol.

Nor will he care, as long as his ego is properly fed.

When we get a little success, we immediately go for the hot young white boy.

And I know a ton of you are going to squawk that you've been with your partners for a million years and that you're rich and butter won't melt on your ass and that you wouldn't trade your partner in for a hot new model, but when you return to reality and stop checking out the available guys on Craigslist and Cam4, while your partner is farting on the couch, you can go ahead and secretly admit the truth.

A man that is easy to manipulate makes it easier for a woman to do what she wants.

All she has to do is make him feel like DA MAN and use his puffed up ego to control him and she can get away with all kinds of stuff.

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