Demotivational dating posters

De-Motivational Poster: Persistence is what is needed to succeed, right? Creepy funny demotivational wallpaper of cougar man/woman/thing Fake Motivational Poster of man watching television with his children.

Demotivational poster of man with face in urinal looking very uncomfortable.

Demotivation Poster: Blogging I have been blogging for a while now and this really cracks me up. De-Motivational Poster: Goals I love the look on this kids face. Anti-Motivation Posters: Indifference Men are not disposable.

Chuck Norris has a funny demotivational poster too: Demotivational wallpaper: limitations.Anti-Motivational Poster: Meetings There is nothing worse in the entire world than pointless meetings and committees that do nothing.I think most of you out in the workplace can agree with the King of America on that, right?If your character is a hero, an excellent name will make readers feel he is heroic.This is usually subconscious and relies on word sounds.

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