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The Western Cape is currently in the middle of a drought crisis.Reservoir dams in the province are so depleted that they’re currently way below capacity, with just on half of that actually being drinkable, which means that tariffs and restrictions are in place to conserve water.Instead, be sure to drink all your water, or don’t ask for a glass unless you’re certain you’re going to drink it.In the same way, if a waiter simply brings you a glass, tell them you’re not going to drink it and they can recycle it wisely.Also, especially now in winter when it’s taking a while to heat water up (make sure you have a bucket in there – see point one above) shower directly after someone (if not with someone) so that you don’t need to run the shower to heat up a second or third time.

It also ensures that you finish your glasses of water, instead of dotting half-full glasses all over the house, forgetting about them and then chucking out the old water.Do you ever wake up with a glass of water on your bedside table that sat overnight and now tastes a little odd?Don’t just chuck it, either water your plants or top up your dog’s water bowl with it – he won’t mind the taste!You can also boil, cool and store to use as drinking water.You can also do something similar in your sink by placing a small bucket or container under the tap.

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