Frustrated with online dating

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I respect those individuals I speak of as people, and by no means do I feel overall superior to them.

I truly wish them all the best of luck in their own dating endeavors and hope that if any of them were to stumble across this they would not be deterred from any future relationships.

You have a limited supply of time (money) and it is up to you to choose where to invest it - every investment is a risk.

So, if you are a smart investor you don't put everything in one fund!!!!

I hope to make light of some of the interactions I have in my dating experiences and experiments.

I’ve created this blog to vent my frustrations and share some anecdotes of my experiences in the world of dating.

How do you counter this seemingly insurmountable probability?

I sincerely apologize in advance for anyone who I may upset in these entries.

Please refrain from negative comments and know that I do not regularly go trolling the internet for my amusement at the expense of others.

) but here is my justification for these rules, and a basis for everything that follows the first successful date... You have all this money that you would like to invest so that you can reap the profits (i.e., whatever you want from girls, be it sex, LTR, whatever).

In this analogy, I have equated girls with investment funds/stocks/whatever you want to call it. However, if you throw your money away you'll have nothing left to invest with and get no profits.

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