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I haven't smoked it yet..it doesn't pass the "pipe cleaner test" but you can effectively clean it going from both ends..course not an attractive thing to do, on every bowl smoked.It seems Captainsousie had one over at PM, and some of the contributors have chimed in..pipesmagazine.com/forums/topic/hardcastle-dating-question The story behind your pipe is actually pretty cool.The family owned Hardcastle Pipes Limited sold 49% of its equity to Dunhill In 1936.Along with closing down it’s pipe factory in Notting Hill in 1946, Dunhill bought the remaining shares turning Hardcastle into a 100% Dunhill subsidiary.In fact this put a definite end to Hardcastle as an own-standing pipe brand and no one minor than Edwin Hardcastle, the last of the family executives, spoke frankly and loudly of Hardcastle pipes being degenerated to an inferior Dunhill second.Today Hardcastle pipes use funneled down bowls that are not deemed suitable to bear the Dunhill or not even the Parker name as well as obtaining briar from other sources.

Like many non-contemporaneous accounts it's a bit suspect.

This was the year Parker and Dunhill both stopped stamping pat#.

See also (similar logos): Echt Bruyere, Pinehurst Once again, this pipe illustrates the connection of the French pipe industry with the brands in London.

Hardcastle was founded in 1908 by Edmund Hardcastle and built itself a good reputation among the numerous British mid-graders.

In 1935, Dunhill started to build a factory next door to Hardcastle in Forest Road, Walthamstow, London E17.

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