Jennifer aniston dating christopher gartin

A mustache really defines your face.” You’re working on Horrible Bosses right now with Aniston and Jason Bateman. There must be some nudity, but I don’t know who it is.

Word is that it’s going to be rated R, and it’s a hard R.

But this isn’t the first time these two have been spotted out together. I mean yeah, he has that tattoo for the rest of his life, but all he has to do is add “JKLOL” at the bottom and everybody will think it was just a joke. Knowing their name, knowing if something’s working.

Chris, 42, and Aniston, 41, were seen on two dinner dates earlier this summer, one at Soho House West Hollywood and another at Jen’s favorite hang, Sunset Tower, in July. Well, he’s also a friend of David Arquette and Courteney Cox, and he’s got a True Blood connection (so Jen, we may really be getting on board with your latest fling choice). We asked Gartin’s rep, and have yet to hear word one. , “No comment.” We don’t think these two are bf-gf status yet, but he’s cute Jen, no harm in a last minute summer fling! Here are photos of Josh Hopkins and Christopher Gartin: There’s yet another story about a dude that Aniston may or may not have boned – remember those stories about her and SNL’s Jason Sudeikis? If the tabloids are to be believed, you’ve apparently been juggling steamy affairs with Jennifer Aniston and January Jones. I completely pay attention when I’m sleeping with someone.

This is just silly.” Aniston’s next film is “The Switch” which bows on August 20 in the U. She is currently slated to appear in the New Line comedy “Horrible Bosses.” Her spring film “The Bounty Hunter” comes out on DVD on July 13.

But pictures of the pair slouching in their seats later emerged, with Jen covering her face in an effort not to be pictured.

What’s the deal with all the sexual chemistry between S.

At least until recently, your Saturday Night Live castmate Fred Armisen was married to Elisabeth Moss, who’s also on Mad Men. That trail was blazed long ago, long before I met January.

dude, does that mean the Gartin stuff is all bullsh-t? There were allegedly seeing each other several months ago, although Aniston’s rep denied it and Jason told Jason on “older women” (the interviewer’s words) treating him differently when he has a mustache: “They responded to it more. It was really interesting getting to know people for the first time when I had the mustache.

I don’t have any specific stories about it, like Helen Mirren hitting on me or anything. Jennifer Aniston only knew me with a mustache, so when I saw her again after I shaved it, like a month or so later at a screening, it was surreal.

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