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Luckily the Google car was driving by taking images and he found the incident on camera and sent the images to the police. Abandoned baby in New York: A baby can be seen crawling on the pavement outside a Gucci store.Man escaping prison: This photo appears to show a man in a convict’s orange jumpsuit on the run on a road in South Africa.A naked man is spotted getting out of the trunk of a car.It’s left people baffled and no one knows the true reason behind it.Teenager's murdered body: Jose Barrera asked Google Maps to remove an image in 2013 that show the dead body of his murdered teenage son Kevin.He had recently stumbled upon an image that showed police standing over the teenager's dead body in Richmond, California, after he was discovered in 2009.Also, you may want to avoid showing your abs as your main profile picture.And consider your audience: older women may not respond as positively to your shirtless photos as their younger peers.

I’ve been doing this blog for over two years now, and if there’s one thing my stats are clear about it’s this: people love ghost photos! This photo was taken at England’s Hampton Court Palace in 2003 and reportedly shows a ghost standing at the door.Add the whole shirtless element and we can safely say topless selfies are a huge no-no for guys.But come on, it’s probably no surprise which shirtless pics have the most success with the ladies.The overwhelming number of women on Reddit who discussed shirtless pictures confirmed that context matters. Basically, if you post a picture like that to your dating profile, you’re pretty much warning others to stay away.Moreover, Zoosk says that a man increases his likelihood of receiving messages by 19% if he posts an image doing something outdoors. Just please don’t flex your guns—or worse yet, point to said guns (we’ve seen those pictures, and they’re not attractive. Right Swipe does lifestyle photography for dating profiles and social media.

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Its authenticity has been questioned but it looks very suspicious.

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