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To start the Office Customization Tool (OCT) type /admin.

At the end of the process, the OCT saves your choices in a MSP file, rather than the transform (MST) produced by the Custom Installation Wizard.

The best article to read about this is Microsoft's Knowledge Base: 322756 How to back up and restore the registry in Windows.

Note: Open the All Users folder in the MSOCache folder and then delete every folder that contains 0FF1CE} - text in the folder name.

Download this Fix it to remove Office 2013 suites and programs.

If you have any problems and the guide doesn't cover them, you can contact our online Chat/Twitter and Email teams or call your local support.The advantages of the exclusions are therefore as follows: A summary of these excluded files is as follows; please note that this is a rough list and that it is not exhaustive.An up-to-date full list can be obtained in your client software by one of the two following methods: These system files are excluded from backup because, in the event of system failure, they can only be restored to identical hardware (make, model, firmware, hardware and configuration).Like a transform, the customization file results in uniform default configuration of the product for all users.Unlike a transform, however, which you had to specify explicitly on the command line or in the file, you can allow Setup to apply the customization file automatically by storing it in the Updates folder at the root of the network installation point.

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For detailed information about using the OCT, " Silent uninstall information: [Product ID] Runs Setup to remove the specified product from the user’s computer.

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