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A protective ground connection by way of the grounding conductor in the power cord is essential for safe operation.

USE CARE WHEN SERVICING WITH POWER ON Dangerous voltages exist at several points in the 8560.1111 sk^ss" f KSk K* INSTRUCTION MANUAL Tfektronix COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE WARNING THE FOLLOWING SERVICING INSTRUCTIONS ARE FOR USE BYQUALIFIED PERSONNELONLY.TO AVOID PERSONAL INJURY, DO NOT PERFORM ANY SERVICING OTHER THAN THAT CONTAINED IN OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS UNLESS YOU ARE QUALIFIED TO DO SO. and foreign patents and/or pending patents, TEKTRONIX, TEK, SCOPE-MOBILE, and $fifj[ are registered trademarks of Tektronix, Inc.Safety Summaries - 8560 MUSDU Service SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Grounding the Product The 8560 is grounded through the grounding conductor of the power cord.To avoid electrical shock, plug the power cord into a properly wired receptacle before connecting to the equipment's power input terminals.

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POWER SOURCE The 8560 is designed to operate from a power source that will not apply more than 250 volts rms between the supply conductors or between either supply conductor and ground.

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