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This is where an extremely important concept in patents becomes important: the Priority Date.

The priority date is the earliest date that the inventor can prove he conceived of an invention (it actually gets a bit more complicated than that, but that definition will suffice for our purposes).

The description may contain several parts, including a section titled "FIELD OF THE INVENTION" (which puts the invention in context by briefly describing the field of technology or business to which the patent is applicable), the "BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION" (which describes previous, similar inventions, and the problems which remained unresolved, setting the stage for why this invention is new and useful), the "SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION" (which then describes the current invention), the "BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS" (which relates to drawings that are part of the patent), and the "DETAILED DESCRIPTION" (which can be extremely detailed, and talks about exactly how the invention works, refers to every diagram, and often attempts to broaden the scope of the patent by suggesting other ways that the invention could be used or implemented other than just what is presented in the figures).

Finally, near the top of the patent you will also see references to other patents, and sometimes some references that are not other patents (we refer to this as "non-patent literature").

There is a three-part test which determines if an invention is patentable.And Claim 2 might read "The rim of Claim 1 where the cross-sectional piece is formed from aluminum".Thus, Claim 2 is dependent on Claim 1, because, as an extension of Claim 1, Claim 2 cannot exist without Claim 1.How does an inventor prove when an invention was first conceived?Well, this can get complicated if an argument of priority dates goes to court.

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