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Do not remove any other system configuration files.

When the Mac boots back up and wi-fi is enabled again, for many users their wireless internet connection will immediately work again as expected.

To start you off, here are a few guides to doing exactly such: I've been using Black Viper's Services Configuration Guides to disable unnecessary services and processes that can open up security holes and waste processor and memory resources. Just make sure you have a restore point and document the changes you make.It keeps flashing on and off when I get to the desktop. I have a uni assignment to do and cannot get onto my computer. Whenever I heave him out of my backpack, I unfailingly elicit at least one incredulous, "Holy carp! " Similar to his mythological counterpart, Fenris is a hulking, black brute; a gaming laptop who shares more commonalities with Big Blue than the anorexic Macbooks patronizing coffee shops and conventions everywhere.Some Mac users are reporting wi-fi difficulties after updating to mac OS Sierra 10.12.The most common wireless networking problems seem to be either randomly dropping wi-fi connections after updating to mac OS Sierra, or an unusually slow or delayed wi-fi experience after updating a Mac to Sierra 10.12.

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