Router validating identity error

On this firewall I have a port forwarding rule set up that tells 443 traffic received on that IP to go directly to the (internal) Exchange box.The certificate on the Exchange box was issued to mail.

Microsoft wants to say that error indicates I am using Outlook 10 with Exchange 03, which is not the case SRV records should also be setup externally.Ex RCA failed to obtain an Autodiscover XML response.Additional Details A Web exception occurred because an HTTP 404 - Not Found response was received from Unknown. Attempting to contact the Autodiscover service using the HTTP redirect method. Attempting to contact the Autodiscover service using the DNS SRV redirect method.Autodiscover settings weren't obtained when the Autodiscover POST request was sent.Test Steps Ex RCA is attempting to retrieve an XML Autodiscover response from URL Discover/Auto for user [email protected]

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