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She cooed softly and opened her legs a little wider as the stream of bubbles hit her.I leaned forward so my mouth was right next to her ear, and whispered, "Do you like that, baby? " She moaned and nodded, and began to move her hips forward and back, fucking herself against the water.I reached around and took her erect nipple between my finger and thumb and began to pinch it. Away as she pushed forward, then pressing my pussy tight against her ass when she came back.It was almost like I was fucking her, even though I don't have a cock!I watched for a while: she would move, then stop for a few seconds, then move, then stop.I stepped through the door and asked, "What are you doing, Lisa?She had thrown her engagement ring at them, taken her clothes out of the closet and left for good. Lisa whistled when my suit dropped to the deck, and I felt happy that she obviously enjoyed looking at my body.She was happy in her new house, especially since she bought everything new. Of course, that's assuming you wear a suit..." Lisa said with a wink. I slipped into the tub and sat back to watch her undress.

We sat on the couch, and talked for a while as we drank our wine.

We get together almost every night, and some times we actually make it into the hot tub!

She is so fucking hot, I love her body and her sexy attitude.

As you might imagine, John loves that I have found a girl friend.

I have been constantly wet since that first night, and when John arrived home that Friday evening I practically raped him when he walked in the door! Want a discrete affair or encounter or perhaps even a brand new relationship to replace an existing unhappy one?

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