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These plugins can modify your webserver’s configuration to serve your website over HTTPS using certificates obtained by certbot.Plugins that do both can be used with the Under the hood, plugins use one of several ACME protocol challenges to prove you control a domain.These courses have been approved for 4 hours of industry related plumbing continuing education.There are also 2, 2-hour plumbing code classes available that you can take on the same day.Retesting will be required if the training is not completed within 90 days of expiration.Trainees will not receive credit for hours worked while the card remains in an expired or inactive status.Then the Let’s Encrypt validation server makes HTTP requests to validate that the DNS for each requested domain resolves to the server running certbot.An example request made to your web server would look like: The Nginx plugin has been distributed with Certbot since version 0.9.0 and should work for most configurations.

We encourage the industry to submit classes to accommodate the requirement for renewal of the combination license.

You must contact the course sponsor for course schedules.

If you do not complete the required continuing education by the time of your renewal, your certificate will not be renewed.

The dates listed in this document are the dates the course is approved for, not the dates they are offered.

Many of the course sponsors offer their classes in several locations around the state.

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