Updating a registry key command

OR maybe someone can let me know so I can correct the tool. This is another example of things that I was not able to learn from the ADMX files that I have available. The ADMX output file will be saved in the same folder the input .We have several cases of registry files that assing a value composed of several 2 char Hexadecimal values, but I have not find any ADMX file that applies this kind of settings to to policies. REG file is located, while the ADML output file will be saved in a subfolder of the one the . The subfolder will be named after the language specified.Also notice that the tool has added a comment to each setting detailling what registry value will be affected, what was the datatype reported in the file and what was the value assigned in the original file. Notice that there are 4 values, but only 3 are enabled (only this 3 will be applied to the targets). Once again you can see the description/help that was created by the tool based on the file.

Last weekend I was thinking about this again and I decided to give it another try.Had I imported the registry file into this system the first one would have a value ("default value of the key"), but this is not happening.Here is the Config folder, notice that the fourth value does not show, just as expected. Reads a registry file (.reg) and creates the corresponding ADMX and ADML files that would allow to set the registry values detail led in the original file.in order to create the GUI definition required by the GPMC, it makes a few assumptions: a) the "name" of the value is also used as the caption for all displays.

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