Updating websites with dreamweaver

Look at your web server stats to determine your website traffic.

If your web hosting account doesn’t have website stats then get one installed.

One thing a website stats program installed on your server will do that Google Analytics doesn’t is show you who is hotlinking (linking directly to your images on your site) . Using Google Alerts, you can monitor your website name, your name, your brand and your content on the web. This gives you an opportunity to jump into the conversation. Fix a problem that is being discussed related to your business.

If at the time you created the website there was something that got left out because of budget constraints, maybe the budget can afford it now?Something like Awstats that provides: Google Analytics will provide some of this information.It may not be as complete as a website stats program that is run from your actual server. These people are stealing your content and your bandwidth if they do not have your permission to do so. Are you showing up on the first page for the keywords/phrase you want to? a few months, to get onto the first page of the search results naturally then maybe it is time to look at your content and revise it.The updates won’t just be new features, they will include security updates too.Analyze not just your sales stats but your website stats too.

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