Validating vision mission and core values

It exists within a sphere of relationships, just as you are.From time to time you’ll see articles written by me in my “Good to Great” series. I’ve written it from the corporate perspective, however, even if you don’t own or lead a company, you likely work for one, and knowing the information I’m sharing here is a step forward for you to be an even better version of yourself whether you’re the CEO or at the bottom of the organizational chart.According to , 78% of consumers say that posts made by companies on social media influence their purchases and an even greater 81% say that posts made by their friends influence their purchasing decisions. One can only imagine with the continued permeation of social media into all aspects of our lives that this number has only increased. True two-way relationships which interact regularly with customers to receive and act on their input.

A few key’s on creating and maintaining an effective Vision Statement: 1. Use your Mission Statement and Core Competencies as a starting point for articulating your Values. Your Vision Statement should fall somewhere in the 4-8 year time-frame with 5 years being the standard most organizations follow.

They also have instantaneous and much louder methods for voicing their displeasure as well as their support. These 5 V’s: Values, Vision, Validation, Village and Voice, are built around the concept of improving relationships inside and outside of the company. These are just some of the many questions people have when I bring up the concept of having a defined Vision. A personal or company Mission is the message you share with others which lets them know what you or your company is about.

(Case in point, the recent media exposure regarding Southwest Airlines and a gentleman and his two young daughters that were booted off a flight for the father Tweeting his displeasure about a rude gate agent. In fact, the 5 V’s are closely based on my Relation Shift model of success and reflect the importance I put on positive, uplifting relationships in both our personal and business lives. A Vision on the other hand is much more personal, it is strictly for you and other members of your team.

A Vision is also much different than your corporate strategy. A recent Harvard Business Review article, “When CEOs Talk Strategy, Is Anyone Listening?

” found even in high-performing companies which had “clearly articulated public strategies,” only 29% of employees could correctly identify their company’s strategy out of six choices.

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