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Jake seemed to know exactly what he wanted, and had a story about how he always got what he wanted – or, as he would say, “grab any bull by the horns and make his life happen.” His apparent strength and dominant personality sent shivers up Melissa’s spine.

It didn’t take long before they exhausted the exquisitely detailed telling of their life stories.

Not only did their profiles match up perfectly, but the photos they shared with each other sparked deep waves of anticipation and excitement.

After exchanging a string of emails, each getting longer and more personally revealing than the last, Melissa and Jake moved “offline” and began speaking on the phone.

These were not just regular phone calls, but marathon calls that lasted for hours.

The more they talked, the more the waves of excitement and anticipation built.

Almost instantly, they lost control of their facial muscles.

Neither could stop smiling nor their deep soul-seeking gaze into each other’s eyes.

Although they never talked directly about sex, the roundabout seductive nature of their discussion opened a floodgate of wanton anticipation.

Jake walked Melissa to her car, where he initiated a deep kiss that seemed to have no beginning or end.

This kiss was the natural precursor to an evening at Jake’s apartment filled with uncontrollable sexual abandon.

We’ve posted some amazing photos of her from our partners, including one of the best booty shots we’ve ever seen.

For the love addict and codependent, Internet dating sites are the crack cocaine of romantic exploration.

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Although the love addict consciously wants true and lasting love, they are drawn to the exhilarating rush of love.

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  1. This is trying to take advantage of victims again by charging a small [so they claim] fee for recovering their money - which is just another scam! He was born 5/7/60 & his photos (3) showed him as good looking with gray hair.